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Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

first and only Elemental Master of Energy, and currently the leader of the Ninja. He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, the nephew of Wu, and the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson. Once a bratty kid who sought to follow in his Father's villainous footsteps, Lloyd changed his ways, helping the Ninja and realizing his destiny was to be the Green Ninja. As the Ninja trained Lloyd, he reunited with Misako and faced Garmadon and The Overlord Garmadon is purified of evil, and The Overlord is defeated—yet he later returns and steals Lloyd's Golden Power. When Zane sacrificed himself to destroy The Overlord, the Ninja found him alive on Chen's Island. Lloyd and the Ninja set out to save Zane by entering the Tournament of Elements. This brought a war between the Elemental Masters and Chen's army, which ended when Lloyd banished his father to the Cursed Realm.

Lloyd was later possessed by Morro, who claimed the Realm Crystal and freed The Preeminent. Lloyd escaped Morro's possession and helped battle Morro, but The Preeminent's destruction collapsed the Cursed Realm, killing Lloyd's father. Shortly after, Lloyd helped battle the Sky Pirates and their captain, Nadakhan. During the conflict, Lloyd wished to be wise like Wu, but turned older in the process. When Jay made his final wish, recent events were undone and Lloyd's age was reversed. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd commemorated Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, where he fought against Pythor. Lloyd would later battle theHands of Time and their Vermillion army. In Wu's absence, Lloyd led the Ninja, and became their new master when Wu was lost in Time.

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako. The soon-to-be dark lord was filled with pride for his newborn son, and wanted Lloyd to follow a different path from his own. The family was happy for a time, but one dayGarmadon finally lost control over the evil within him, and was banished to theUnderworld. Lloyd was too young to remember Garmadon, but he had heard of him, and was fond of his evil father, wanting to follow in his footsteps, unaware that Garmadon did not. Once he was old enough, Misako sent him to the Darkley's School for Bad Boys. On his first day at Darkley's School, everyone made fun of Lloyd, and Brad put fire ants in his bed. After everyone left, Brad took him under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

One day, he had received a package from his "grandmummy" when another student named Finn took it from him and turned it into worms. Lloyd was expelled from school that same day because he did have the "moral ambitions to become one of tomorrow's masterminds." Before he left, he stole a cape and hood from a closet, planning to become an evil overlord by himself.

Unleashing the Serpentine

Main article: History of Lloyd (Rise of the Serpentine)

Lloyd arrived in Jamanakai Village where he attempted to steal all of the candy, but was stopped and humiliated by the Ninja in front of the villagers. Later when he was walking in the Glacier Barrens, he stumbled upon the Hypnobrai Tomb. After gaining command of the Hypnobrai, he lead them on an attack of Jamanakai Village, only to be stopped by the Ninja once more. Lloyd then turned his army's attention to constructing a fortress in the heart of Wildwood Forest, though it was quickly discovered and destroyed by the Ninja. During the Ninjas' attack, Skales took command of the Hypnobrai and after defeating Slithraa in a Slither Pit fight, the new General banished Lloyd.

Using a map he had stolen from the Hypnobrai Tomb, Lloyd set out to find the Fangpyre Tomb which he planned to unleash to get revenge on the Hypnobrai for betraying him. Though the Fangpyre was eager to help him, they insisted on first rebuilding their army. Traveling to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, Lloyd witnessed the Fangpyre use their venom to turn old vehicles into attack machines, though they were forced to flee when the Ninja arrived.

With their army ready, Lloyd accompanied the Fangpyre into battle against the Hypnobrai. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Fangtom and Skales were old friends and a truce was called, forcing Lloyd to flee once more. Knowing that all the other tribes feared the Anacondrai, Lloyd traveled to the Anacondrai Tomb only to find that a single one of these snakes remained—Pythor. Nevertheless, Pythor agreed to be Lloyd's minion and they spent the day carrying out petty crimes. At his new minion's suggestion, Lloyd and Pythor attacked Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys in revenge for them kicking him out. However when the Ninja arrived, Pythor showed his true colors by stealing the Map of Dens and fleeing, leaving Lloyd to be captured by the Ninja. Lloyd was then told a bedtime story by his Uncle Wu, explaining why one shouldn't trust a snake.

Now living with the Ninja, Lloyd aided his uncle in one of the Ninjas' daily lessons by pulling pranks on them (such as placing Zane's clothes with Kai's in the wash, thereby turning them pink) and blaming it on the other Ninja.

Main article: History of Lloyd (The Final Battle)

In the aftermath of the Devourer's defeat, the Ninja moved into an apartment in Ninjago City. Although their spacious new home had a training course for Lloyd, he was unable to receive any personal guidance from the Ninja as they had to all work jobs to pay the rent. After Lloyd was nearly abducted by Skales, the Ninja decided to downsize to a more affordable apartment. Although the Ninja were now able to oversee Lloyd's training, they soon realized that their cramped apartment was unsuitable and began using Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo as training grounds. When Captain Soto and his pirates attacked Ninjago City, Lloyd was ordered by the Ninja to stay behind, but the little Green Ninja used the Ultra Dragon to board the ship, performing Spinjitzu for the first time during the battle.

Soon after, Lloyd was invited back to his old boarding school to receive an honor. Upon arriving at the school, Lloyd discovered that it was merely a ploy by his old classmates who captured him and attempted to turn him evil again. When Garmadon's Bizarro Ninjaarrived, Lloyd managed to convince his classmates to help the Ninja defeat their fake counterparts. When the Ninja entered theNinjaball Run to save Dareth's dojo from being destroyed, Lloyd entered into the race with the Ultra Dragon. Although he was unable to reach the finish line, Lloyd did manage to stop Garmadon from destroying the Ninja mid-race.

When the Ninja were turned into kids by Garmadon's Mega-Weapon, Lloyd took them to Ninjago Doomsday Comix to find information about the Grundle, a ninja-hunting creature, that the effects of the Mega Weapon brought back to life. As a result of using Tomorrow Tea to defeat the Grundle, Lloyd was aged significantly, prompting the final battle to draw closer. Now older, Lloyd began to take his training more seriously and confronted his father with the other Ninja in the Lost City of Ouroboros. As a result of the Ninja following Garmadon back in time, Lloyd's knowledge of the Mega Weapon was erased.

Some time after, Lloyd and the other Ninja were summoned to the Ninjago Museum of History as the venom of the Great Devourer had brought the Stone Army merchandise to life. After the Ninja had taken care of the problem, Lloyd was reunited with his mother Misako, though still angry she left him so many years ago, he stormed away. Misako caught up to him and revealed the story of the Overlord.

Following the Overlord's defeat, Lloyd traveled Ninjago accepting medals and achievements as the Golden Ninja for his victory. His father also abandoned the title of Lord and began going by Master Garmadon, and swore an oath of nonviolence.

In the Digital Age The Surge

Lloyd heard word from Nya that the Ninja were in trouble, and raced to New Ninjago City on his Golden Elemental Dragon to help. He used his Golden Power to temporarily disable the Security Mechs and reunited with the Ninja. Their reunion was quickly interrupted by the revived Digital Overlord, whom Lloyd declared that since he defeated him once, he could defeat him again. As the Security Mechs powered up, the Overlord stated that he didn't want to fight, he only wanted the Golden Ninja's power. Lloyd prepared to attack the mechs again, but was stopped by Wu who realized that the golden power was only making them stronger. Their master then ordered the Ninja to flee the city while he tricked the Overlord, and Lloyd rode the Golden Dragon away.

The Art of the Silent Fist

Heading to his parents' monastery with the others, Lloyd was given a new green gi by Nya that would disguise him from the Overlord's facial recognition software. The group then visited Garmadon during a lesson, and Lloyd volunteered to face his father in a demonstration of the Art of the Silent Fist. Garmadon easily avoided his son's blows, and Lloyd let his temper get the better of him and nearly unleashed an elemental blast. The monastery was then attacked by the Overlord's new Nindroids, whom Lloyd was unable to battle effectively due to his Golden Power granting them greater strength.

After managing to escape, the heroes split up: the Ninja setting out to shut down theWind Farms Power Station that energized the Nindroids and the rest of the Overlord's machinery, while Lloyd and his father sought to get as far from New Ninjago City as possible. To that end, Lloyd and Garmadon traveled to Nya's Samurai X Cave and used her car to accelerate their travels. Unfortunately, while passing through the Rice Fields, they were attacked by the Overlord'sNindroid MechDragon, and only escaped due to the Ninja and Nya accomplishing their own task. With no power, they continued their journey on foot, fearing that the Overlord might still pose a threat.

Father and son found themselves traveling through the mountains, where Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd that he had potential beyond his Golden Power, including the ability to move mountains. However, Lloyd expressed little interest in learning the finer nuances of the powers he possessed as heir of the First Spinjitzu Master, being content with the abilities granted him by his Golden Power. As the two continued their journey, however, they came across a Ravturenest with a chick in it, and Lloyd angered both his father and the adult Ravture by attempting to aid the youngling when it fell out of the nest. However, Lloyd then used his power to move mountains, much to his father's pleasure. Unfortunately, the Falcon then arrived with news that the Overlord was still at large, and the duo made their way towardsHiroshi's Labyrinth. Unbeknownst to them, this was part of their enemies' plans, and they began to zero in on the Garmadons' location.

The Curse of the Golden Master

As Lloyd and his father made their way through the labyrinth, Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd the importance of safeguarding the Golden Power. He warned him that his friends might one day seek it for themselves, and that he would eventually have to carry the burden without even his father beside him. Lloyd became despondent at the thought, and his father encouraged him with the legend of the Jewel of the Labyrinth, an oasis that had supposedly never been seen within the depths of the jungle maze. The pair eventually came across it, only to be attacked by a force of Nindroids led by Master Wu, who had been turned into an evil cyborg by the Overlord.

While his father engaged Wu, Lloyd used his powers to produce an elemental cycle that he used to try and escape. Unfortunately, his father was captured by Wu and taken aboard the reactivated MechDragon, and his attempt to rescue him was thwarted by a hooded figure. The stranger then threw back his hood to reveal a horrifyingly familiar visage: Pythor, who had survived being eaten by the Great Devourer but had his scales bleached due to nearly being digested. The villains then took Lloyd aboard the MechDragon and dumped his father overboard, leaving Lloyd thinking his father had drowned.

The Overlord wasted no time in beginning to drain Lloyd's Golden Power, a process that left Lloyd badly weakened. However, he was somehow contacted by Zane-and contacted him in turn-while the Ninja were attempting to erase the Overlord from within the Digiverse. The Ninja managed to reboot the system, causing the MechDragon to crash and freeing Lloyd, who soon made his way to a small village. He was soon contacted by the other Ninja and their allies, which-to his amazement-included his father.

Codename: Arcturus Realizing he couldn't hold the Golden Power by himself anymore, Lloyd decided to return to the Temple of Light to distribute it back to the four Ninja, thus restoring their elemental powers.

As the Ninja began their search for Pythor and his Nindroid forces, Lloyd used his bike to search the Toxic Bogs, then continued to the Glacier Barrens but to no avail.

Lloyd eventually returned to Borg Tower after Kai had been captured by Pythor, and brainstormed with the others what Project Arcturus—the codename for a plan the Anacondrai intended to launch that very night—could be. They soon realized that he intended to use a rocket to retrieve the Golden Weapons to make the Overlord into the Golden Master, and raced to Ouroborus to stop him.

Upon reaching the Serpentine City, the four Ninja located the rocket and freed Kai, though were unable to stop the launch. Desperate to stop the Golden Master, Lloyd convinced the hough were unable to stop the launch. Desperate to stop the Golden Master, Lloyd convinced the other Ninja to stow away with him on the rocket.

Shortly after the rocket entered space, Lloyd and the other Ninja came into contact with Wu, Nya, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. who had returned to Borg Tower and recovered the rocket's blueprints. After Zane secured the other Ninja spacesuits, Lloyd lead them towards the cockpit to take command of the vessel. However before they could reach it, Cryptor dispatched several Nindroids to stop them while he piloted the rocket into the tail of the comet.

When Lloyd and the other Ninja awoke, they found themselves on the comet not too far from where Arcturus had landed, though Cryptor had taken the launch key. Lloyd discovered lunar rovers in the cargo hold and the Ninja set out crammed in one to find where the Nindroids had gone. They soon arrived in a large cave where the Golden Weapons had landed, though before they could reach the launch key, the Ninja fell under attack by a swarm of extraterrestrial beetles. The Nindroids used this to their advantage to escape, but Lloyd and the others pursued, only to arrive at the launch site to find Arcturus destroyed by the bugs, thus stranding them on the comet.

The Tournament of Elements

Main article: History of Lloyd (The Tournament of Elements)

Possession Winds of Change

Some time after the battle, Lloyd and the other Ninja used their Elemental Dragons to catch a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a nearby coastal village. They were successful in their efforts and soon returned to Wu's new tea shop "Steep Wisdom" where their Master asked the Ninja to hand out flyers. Lloyd agreed but was summoned to the museum by the police before he could do so.

Upon arriving at the museum, Lloyd was taken by the Night Watchman to one of the backrooms where he revealed that the Allied Armor of Azure was stolen. Lloyd however discovered that the guard was possessed by the ghost Morro who proceeded to take over the Green Ninja's body.

During Morro's battle against Kai, the Master of Fire was able to summon the Green Ninja's consciousness. However the red ninja was quickly pulled away by the Destiny's Bountyand Morro regained control over Lloyd's body.

Lloyd continued to fight Morro's possession as the Master of Wind went about his search for the tomb. During a fight for the Sword of Sanctuary between Kai and Morro, Lloyd regained enough control so that he was able to give the Master of Fire the sword before the possession took hold of him again.

Morro left Lloyd's body temporarily to instead possess Ronin to send a message to the Ninja. During this, Lloyd was locked away in a cage (for the third time in his life the first being the Treehouse Fortress, then by the Serpentine), though he claimed that Morro would have never become the Green Ninja.

After the Ninja took the Realm Crystal, Morro left Lloyd's body in an extremly weak state and threatened to kill him if they didn't give him the crystal. After Kai tricked Morro when giving it to him, Morro let go of Lloyd, who then tried to attack the ghost, but was pushed into the cave river. He then stayed just above the water as the current pulled him through the cave, too weak to swim ashore. Kai and Cole followed Lloyd along the river, but because Kai couldn't swim, and Cole couldn't touch water, they hesitated in making a decision. Kai finally dove into the river, grabbing Lloyd, and was able to keep them both above the water, and just as they were about to plummet down a waterfall, Cole saved them, despite being doubtful at first. Now that Morro had both the Sword of Sanctuary and the Realm Crystal in his possession, as he fled the cave Cole was desperate to run after him, but the other ninja didn't want to, knowing that Lloyd was too tired to run with them. Despite the loss, they were determined to achieve victory in the battle with the ghosts.

Lloyd and his friends returned to Steep Wisdom, only to find that Wu had sold it in order to finance new vehicles for his students provided by Cyrus Borg. The group soon set out to challenge the Ghost Warriors' occupation of Stiix with Nya leading the charge. While the other ninja provided a distraction that included Nya donning Lloyd's green gi, Lloyd attempted to sneak in and recover the Realm Crystal. After engaging Morro he managed to recover the crystal, but was interrupted as he attempted to destroy it by Morro, who tried to convince him that he would lose his father forever. Lloyd quickly realized that Garmadon would have willingly destroyed the crystal, but was seized by one of the emerging Preeminent's tentacles before he could accomplish the task.

Lloyd found himself in the interior of the Cursed Realm, where he discovered his father imprisoned. He attempted to free his father but was told that the chains were unbreakable. Despairing over his defeat at Morro's hands, Lloyd was comforted by his father, who helped him find the courage to return to the fight also telling him that he would always be with him no matter where he is. Donning his father's robes (with his father no doubt wearing Lloyd's hoodie and jeans, as they must've switched), Lloyd soon engaged Morro in battle again, gaining possession of the Sword of Sanctuary in the process. Due to Morro possessing the Realm Crystal, Lloyd wound up chasing him through a number of the Sixteen Realms, including the Realm of Madness, the Underworld, Cloud Kingdom, and Chima.

Morro eventually returned to Ninjago alone, but he and the Preeminent were soon defeated by the remaining Ninja. Wu then used the recovered Realm Crystal to open a new portal that admitted Lloyd. He revealed that the Sword of Sanctuary had enabled him to see the outcome of the battle, thus making it unnecessary for him to follow Morro back to Ninjago. He then revealed that his father had apparently perished as a result of the Cursed Realm's destruction, but felt that he-and they-were "in a better place." Wu noted that his father's robes had given Lloyd wisdom, but that he would have to walk a long road to qualify for the title of master, something that Lloyd welcomed and accepted.

Main article: History of Lloyd (Skybound)


Early life

Little is known about Scott's early life, other than he was the first person to be invited by Prime Empire's programmer, Milton Dyer, to try out the game for beta testing. When he reached level 13, the A.I., Unagami, convinced him to enter the game. His doing so caused Vast Industries to shut down Prime Empire and Dyer to abandon the project and go into hiding. Ώ]

Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Stowaway

While Jay was hiding inside Scott's car, he hears Scott being confronted by the Red Visors. Scott then takes out the Red Visors before escaping in his car.

Scott is chased by the Red Visors and at some point, Jay pops out of the truck and onto Scott's front window. Scott allows him to ride as they dodge most of the Red Visors except one when they crash into him.

Scott presumedly defeated the last Red Visors before introducing himself to Jay, saying that he had been waiting for him for a long time.


Scott tells Jay that they much leave immediately so they disguise themselves. They reach a closed-off area guarded by two Red Visors. To get past them, Scott and Jay use fake code names but are caught when the real Red 27 came for duty. Jay and Scott are chased by the Red Visors and are forced to fight. Despite being outnumbered, Jay single-handily defeats all of them which impresses Scott. They then hide in Scott's garage to avoid detection.

Prime Empire

Superstar Rockin' Jay

Scott holds up his gun to the ninja after they wondered near his garage. Nya says the secret password, and Scott lets them though his secret garage. He introduces himself to the ninja and has been hiding the League of Jays in his base. During his explanation, Kai accidentally kills himself and would respawn moments later thinking he has unlimited lives in Prime Empire, but Scott tells the ninja that they only receive four lives in Prime Empire. Scott touches Kai's pad showing that he has one life remaining. Scott then shows them to Superstar Rockin' Jay, the leader of the League of Jay.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Scott went inside his garage while Unagami told the Red Visors to go after him.

Racer Seven

Scott shows the ninja his vehicles they can use for the Speedway Five-Billion. When the ninja asked what happened to one of the cars in the last race, Scott replies that the driver was doing well with the car until they ended up being cubed, as well as telling them why he doesn't want race.

When Lloyd returns from his observation, he talks about Racer Seven and Scott explains that Unagami programed her to lose. He tells Lloyd to not bother with her since she'll never change. However, Lloyd still goes after her.

Racer Seven arrives outside of Scott's garage, and the ninja plus Scott are there to greet her.

The Speedway Five-Billion

Having only 1 life left, Scott tracks the Red Visors as they somehow found the base. He opens his garage and begins attacking himself and allows the ninja and Racer Seven to escape unharmed. Realizing there is too much to handle, he attempts to duck away from the attacks, but is shot and is cubed.

Game Over

Scott returns to Ninjago with everyone else who was trapped in the game. He is seen, as a human again, hugging another loved one, happy to be back in the real world again.


Cole has a muscular body (hence his past as a rock climber, being the strongest of the ninja even without his Elemental Power, though it does give him his super-strength) with the basic yellow flesh of a LEGO character. He has long, shaggy black hair and bushy eyebrows, and from Season 8 to 10, a more relaxed look to his eyes. Before Season 8, his hair was shorter and swept to the right. His eyebrows were thinner and woollier.

As a ghost, Cole's body was no longer tangible. His face was a pale green and the rest of his body was transparent. He was outlined by a pale green and appeared to glow like other ghosts do. During Day of the Departed, Cole was thrown into the rift to the Departed Realm by Yang, reverting him to a human once again. However, since Cole barely made it out, he received a ghostly green scar going down the left side of his face. Post Season 8, his scar is no longer visible (probably because time let it heal itself), and is only so when he uses the Earth Punch, which causes the scar to glow orange. As of Season 11, the scar now looks longer.

In an anime-styled scene of "The Absolute Worst," Cole is shown to have dark brown eyes.

He generally prefers black or dark clothing, though his favorite color is said to be orange, Ώ] which seems to be represented with orange highlights on a number of his outfits. Since "The Royal Blacksmiths," Cole's civilian outfit is mainly a dark gray hoodie and black pants with a brown belt. As seen in Season 6, he still wore this outfit while off-duty but due to becoming a ghost, it was tinted pale green and transparent. For more images on Cole's appearance in his different ninja suits, click here.

Like the majority of his fellow Ninja, Cole is currently in his late teens. ΐ] However, the ninja do not officially have specific ages, Α] as they are meant to be perpetually in their teenage years for the duration of the show. Β] As of Hunted, he and the other three original ninja were stated to be "grown-up teenagers" by Jay. Γ]

Potential Estimations: During the events of the pilot and Season 1, Cole was at least 15 or 16 years of age. Δ] Ε]


According to Hashirama Senju, Sasuke bears a strong resemblance to Izuna Uchiha: ⎡] he has black eyes and spiky black hair with a blue tint. Sasuke's hair is long and has hung over his face as bangs since he was a child, which as he gets older he allows to grow longer and, in turn, cover more of his face. After acquiring his Rinnegan, Sasuke grew his hair to cover the left side of his face, notably the eye. He is considered handsome by most girls near his age.

Shadow of the Ninja

In 2029, the evil Emperor Garuda has taken over the United States of America, building a stronghold in the middle of the nation's "largest city". To stop Garuda and avenge the innocent lives that were lost in his reign, two ninja masters from the Iga clan, Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede, are sent to infiltrate the dictator's well-guarded stronghold and kill him. [2] [3]

Shadow of the Ninja is a side-scrolling platform game that can be played by up to two players simultaneously, with one player controlling Hayate (a ninja in purple) and the other as Kaede (a kunoichi in orange). In either mode, the player can decide which character they want to control before the game begins. There are no actual performance differences between either character. [4]

The player can run, crouch, climb ladders, attack, and jump like in most side-scrolling action games as well as hang onto an overhang and move under it. [5] If the player has more than half of their vitality remaining, they can perform a special attack by holding a button for an extended period, summoning a thunderstorm that will damage all on-screen enemies, but at the cost of roughly half of their maximum vitality.

The player's default weapon is a katana, which can be traded for a kusarigama and vice versa. The kusarigama has a longer range than the katana and can be swung upwards diagonally and horizontally, but can only damage enemies from a specific distance and does not work as well at close range like the katana. If the player picks up a weapon they already have, its attack power will be strengthened by an increment of one level (with up to three attack levels). However, if the player takes too much damage, their weapon's strength will be reduced back to its previous level. There is also the possibility to use both weapons, if the player starts with the kusarigama and collects secret power-ups hidden in some levels. The player can also obtain throwable shuriken and hand grenades as well, both which can only be used as long as the player's supply lasts before the player reverts to using the katana or kusarigama. All four weapons are obtained by destroying item boxes scattered throughout each stage, along with vitality potions. [6] [7]

Shadow of the Ninja consists of five levels with 16 stages, [8] with the first four levels being divided into three stages and the final level into two. [9] The player fights numerous types of enemy characters throughout each level, including bosses and sub-bosses. Once a boss has been defeated it will explode, this explosion will heal players the closer they are to it, since actually the same amount of health from one level will be carried to the next one until either recovered with potions or by dying. The game ends if the player loses all of their vitality and only five chances are provided to continue. If two players are playing the game, their continues will be shared.

American magazine GamePro ran a contest in 1991, awarding 10 readers with a free copy of the game the magazine stated the 10 giveaway copies were an exclusive edition, which had a password feature not included in any of the retail versions. [10] Shadow of the Ninja was re-released as a Virtual Console title for the Wii in 2010, the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in 2015, and the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online service in 2020. [11] [12]

Natsume began development of a Game Boy version following the NES release. [13] However, the publishing rights of the game were picked up by Tecmo and the title was subsequently revised as a Ninja Gaiden 1991 spin-off Ninja Gaiden Shadow, which was also developed by the Nagoya division of Natsume. [14] [15]

Shadow of the Ninja was well received upon its release. The "Greatest Hits" special issue GamePro gave it a near-perfect score of 23/25 and called it "an above average ninja fare with top of the line graphics and fast-paced gameplay" and "a top flight, fast-paced action cart," [8] while Electronic Gaming Monthly in particular praised the game's "superb" graphics and sound. [16] Total! gave it a more reserved total rating of 74%, but added that "if this is the kind of game you're into, you won't find a better cartridge for your NES this side of Low G Man." [17] Nintendo Power featured it in the 1991 article "Weird Heroes" for supposedly featuring the "first male-and-female team" in video game history. [18]

Retrospectively, Hardcore Gaming 101's Kurt Kalata in 2006 called it "still an excellent game." [19] Matt Allen from Nintendo Life and Jeremy Parish from USgamer were more critical in their reviews of the Virtual Console release, awarding it six stars out of ten and three stars out five, respectively. [20] [21] Lucas M. Thomas from IGN rated the VC release 7.0/10, opining it is "not quite as smooth or memorable as Gaiden, and it'll frustrate you a few times as only an NES action game could -- but its unique qualities, like two-player co-op support, compensate well for any of its shortcomings." [22]

Skales Jr.

Skales Jr. appears with his parents inside the tomb, being introduced to the ninja by his father when they stumbled across the underground area. When Cryptor and the Nindroids raided the tomb, Cryptor attacked Skales Jr, but he was saved by the ninja.

The Titanium Ninja

Skales Jr. and his father watch the Golden Master attack New Ninjago City.

After the Nindroid crisis

Following the Golden Master's defeat at the hands of Zane, Skales Jr. and the other Serpentine left the tomb to live in Ninjago with the people.

The Corridor of Elders

Skales Jr. and his father were addressed by Zane in the crowd near the Titanium Ninja statue. During the battle at the Corridor of Elders, Junior and a kid threw gumballs at the Anacondrai warriors, causing them to slip and fall, with Junior giving a high-five to the kid.

Secrets Discovered

Skales Jr. and his father were on the run from the Vermillion. They were attacked by the ninja, who did not realize who they were before Lloyd tells them to stand down. After hearing Jay insult his name, Skales Jr. pushes him off of him before his father tells their reason for being down in the sewers. They, along with some Constrictai, were following Acronix and Krux on suspicion that they were using a swamp to nest the Vermillion warriors, who are children of the Great Devourer. After his father gives the ninja a map to the swamp, Jay apologizes to Skales Jr., but he is insulted at being called "junior" and "kid", before telling his father that they should stay out of his way.


Berecca is a fair-skinned girl with round, sky blue eyes and magenta pink hair. Her hair is in the shape of a large pompadour that is pulled into a long ponytail with several blue pins added in. She wears a bright yellow hoodie-like jacket with purple accents and a skull patch on her left arm, and dark-coloured jean shorts. She has blue and white shoes with red laces and soles and thigh-high pink and purple striped long socks with large cartoon skulls at the top of them.

As an adult before chewing Ninja-Gum, Berecca wore a dark grey tank top with a white logo on it, blue jean shorts with a black belt, pink and purple striped leggings, and black and turquoise shoes with pink laces and white details. While working at the Research Institute, she also wore a long, white lab coat with a name tag.


Kumogakure was founded after the Warring States Period by the First Raikage. Shortly after the formation of their villages, Konoha's First Hokage sold tailed beasts to Kumo as a sign of friendship and to ensure a balance of power amongst their new villages. The Second Raikage and Second Hokage later tried to formally agree to peace between their villages, but the ceremony was interrupted by the Gold and Silver Brothers and the Hokage was nearly killed. Konoha and Kumo ended up on opposing sides during the First Shinobi World War, with Kumo's Kinkaku Force killing the Second Hokage. Decades later, during the Third Shinobi World War, Kumo and Konoha would fight again, often with A on Kumo's side and Minato Namikaze on Konoha's. Following the death of the Third Raikage in a battle against 10,000 opposing shinobi, A succeeded him as the Fourth.

Kushina Uzumaki being kidnapped.

Despite becoming one of the Five Great villages Kumo has gained a rather shameless reputation. While a peace treaty was formed between all the villages to cut back on military budget and reduce the sizes of their forces during times of peace, Kumo secretly does not honour to the agreement, seeing this as a chance to ensure that no other village can ever have an upper hand should hostilities later resume. Kumo's efforts to amass power often entail stealing secrets and kidnapping shinobi from other villages. The Third Tsuchikage notes that this behaviour has only provoked the other villages to employ the same tactics in kind. Ώ] Several years before the Third Shinobi World War, Kumo shinobi kidnapped Kushina Uzumaki from Konoha in order to study her unique chakra, but were foiled by Minato Namikaze. ΐ] A few years after the Third Shinobi World War, Kumo sent its Head Ninja to Konoha to sign a peace treaty, a cover for an attempt to acquire the Byakugan by kidnapping Hinata Hyūga. When the Head Ninja was killed by Hiashi Hyūga in the attempt, the village still tried to obtain the Byakugan by feigning knowledge of the their soldier's actions and threatening war unless Hiashi's body was turned over to make up for the Head Ninja's death. In what would be called the Hyūga Affair, Hiashi's twin was given to Kumo instead, as his Byakugan was sealed upon death and making it worthless. In the anime, Kumo made another attempt to acquire the Byakugan amidst the Konoha Crush, but failed yet again thanks to the efforts of Hiashi and Neji Hyūga.

Kumogakure ninja restraining the Eight-Tails.

One other method of securing power has been the tailed beasts. In the early days of the village, before buying tailed beasts from Konoha, Kumo sent the Gold and Silver Brothers to capture the Nine-Tails, a task at which they ultimately failed. Α] With the tailed beasts in its possession, Kumo historically struggled to harness the beasts' power in jinchūriki jinchūriki could not gain control of the beasts and would eventually lose control. The Eight-Tails would prove a particular headache in this regard, routinely rampaging through the village when its jinchūriki could not longer contain it. Because the Eight-Tails was too valuable to destroy, many were killed trying to seal it. The Eight-Tails' most recent jinchūriki, Killer B, as well as the jinchūriki of the Two-Tails, Yugito Nii, have been able to successfully control their beasts, leaving both highly valued by the village. Among the villages, Kumogakure also possesses the best technology to control a tailed beast, having built a whole temple for that sake. Although Kinkaku and Ginkaku had failed in their attempt at subduing the Nine-Tails, they have managed to become pseudo-Jinchūriki by eating the fox's chakra flesh for two weeks, a feat that Kumogakure attempted to replicate with the Eight-Tails' tentacles, which led to the eater to die instead.

The Allied Shinobi Forces headquarters in Kumogakure.

When Akatsuki captures B (the Fourth Raikage's brother) mere months after the similar capture of Yugito, the Raikage is outraged by the loss of the village's jinchūriki and calls a Kage Summit to find a way to deal with Akatsuki. Although suspicious of the other villages due to their histories with Akatsuki, Akatsuki's declaration of the Fourth Shinobi World War (and news that B only pretended to be captured) convinces the Raikage to join the Allied Shinobi Forces. He is appointed its Supreme Commander and Kumo is selected for the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters, making it a target for Akatsuki's counter-offensive. Β]

The village entrapped in the God: Nativity of a World of Trees technique.

During the war, Kumo fell victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi and God: Nativity of a World of Trees, but endures the attack. With the war won, Kumo works closely together with other villages, improving relationships between each other. Two years later Kumo is still consolidating power, but it does so for mutual benefit of all the villages by taking charge of stopping the moon from crashing into Earth. By the era of the Fifth Raikage, all five Kage are on good terms.

Part II

Twelve Guardian Ninja

Main article: Twelve Guardian Ninja (Arc) In the anime, he is seen giving out orders to a large group of chūnin during Furido's attack on the village.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

In the anime, Genma was present at Asuma Sarutobi's funeral, mourning his death.

Pain's Assault

He appears with Yamato and other jōnin helping to restore the village after Pain and Naruto's fight. He corrected Kotetsu Hagane telling him that the village wasn't all their forefathers left them, the people were still there.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

In the anime, Genma is present at the war council meeting that Tsunade convenes.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Mei and her team confront Black Zetsu.

Genma along with Raidō were tasked with guarding the daimyō at their safe house during the Fourth Shinobi World War. While on duty, he and Raidō conversed about the daimyō and their medal-naming argument that was going on. He told Raidō not to make fun of them as it was their job and that without medals, they wouldn't know what was honourable and what wasn't. He then told him that if he just stood around thinking of medals, he'd never get one though, and to stay alert as they were going to relocate soon.

After Black Zetsu located the daimyō he was intercepted by Mei Terumī. Genma alongside Raidō, Chōjūrō and the rest of her team arrived shortly after. When Naruto's shadow clone arrived on the battlefield, and crashed head first into a tree after Black Zetsu sidestepped him, Genma agreed with Raidō's sentiments that Naruto had not changed much and still rushed into a fight without thinking.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Genma prepares to transport Mei.

While battling Black Zetsu, he marvelled at Chōjūrō's skill with his sword. He was later contacted by Shikaku who before beginning immediately told him not to makes any jokes because they were in dire straits. However, after telling him that the real Madara Uchiha had been reincarnated to the battlefield, Genma claimed that he couldn't help himself this time. As he, Raidō and Iwashi prepared to transport Mei using Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique as per Shikaku's orders, he explained to her that he was part of the Hokage bodyguard detail and as such was taught how to use the technique by the Fourth during his rule. As soon as Tsunade — who was marked with the technique's seal — had been transported to the battlefield, they performed the technique and stood behind the other Kage as they confronted Madara.

The Hokage Guard Platoon and Dodai pursue Mū.

As Mei and A engaged Madara in battle, Iwashi prematurely anticipated his defeat, Genma however, noted the extent of damage inflicted upon the surroundings by the enemy and warns his partner to stay focused while Raidō commented that there is no way to just force their way through. Dodai then enlisted their help to go after the Kabuto-controlled Mū who had began to emerge from the debris. The four men then give chase to the Tsuchikage but their target is soon slapped away by A during the Raikage's assault on Madara. As the battle between the Kage and Madara waged on, they continued to give chase to the evasive Mū.

With the Impure World Reincarnation released, Genma watched alongside his comrades as Mū was enveloped in a light of sorts before beginning to deconstruct.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes

In the anime, Naruto and Sasuke eventually release the Infinite Tsukuyomi, freeing Genma and the rest of the world from the genjutsu, thus ending the Fourth Shinobi World War. On the day of the Sixth Hokage's inauguration, Genma and other shinobi guard the village gate, not allowing anyone not authorised to enter the village.

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