Oneonta I monitor - History

Oneonta I monitor - History

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Oneota I
(Mon.: dp. 2,100, 1. 225', b. 43'3", dr. 11'6", dph. 13'3" s. 13 k.; cpl. 100 (approx.); a. 2 15" D. sb.; cl. Canonicuij

Oneota, a harbor and river monitor built at Cineinnati, Ohio, by Alex Swift & Co., and by the Niles Works, was launched 21 May 1864.

Completed shortly after the end of the Civil War, 10 June 1865, Oneota was laid up until sold to her builder, Alex Swift and Co., 13 April 1868, and resold to Peru. The monitor served the Peruvian Navy as Manco Capac.

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